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ITF Womens Circuit 50.000 USD


 29.7. - 5.8.2012, TC EMPIRE Trnava


The tennis tournament in the tennis complex TC EMPIRE Trnava will start on the turn July and August due to the international women tournament Empire Trnava Cup. Tournament maintained $ 50,000 prize money, so it managed to keep its position as a leading women's tournament in Slovakia. This year coincides with the Olympic Games, but even so, we expect high-quality participation.

Doubles main draw of the last year tournament was certainly triumphant come back of Janette Husarova, who conquers together with Renata Voracova the pair Cepelova and Winerova. We are delighted that this tournament allows our best juniors to rank among the best professional women tennis. Good examples are Jana Cepelova and Anna Karolina Schmiedlova, who achieved during the season significant success and moved on WTA ranking.

We watch the acceptance list of players who are going to participate in this year event with huge expectations.
This event is a highlight of the season and we hope that the participants will enjoy it and will perform the best tennis. We believe that this year will offer women's world tennis and will attract many tennis fans, who will gain an unforgettable tennis experience.


Entry to the event is free of charge.


Have a pleasant sport experience.


Management authority: ITF

itf 001

Organizer: TC EMPIRE Trnava

tc empire trnava

In cooperation with the Slovak Tennis Association and the City of Trnava



  Prize money

Main draw
Singles - 32 players
Doubles - 16 pairs
$ 7.315
$ 2.660
$ 3.990
$ 1.425
$ 2.185
$ 760
$ 1.235
$ 380
Last 16
$ 760
$ 285
First Round
$ 475
Finalist of Qualifying
$ 285
Second Round
$ 143
Firs Round
$ 95

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