EMPIRE Trnava Cup 2011

The most important tournament for women players in Slovakia last year met all expectations of experts and the audience. The doubled prize fund compared with the second year attracted more quality competition in Trnava. Organizers of the TC Empire welcomed the women players from twenty countries around the world. On the list of participating athletes we could find for the first time sportswomen from Australia, Japan and USA. Both finals matches ended with a triumph of experience over youth.

Numerous visitors appreciated the presence of the icon of the Slovak tennis – the player Janette Husarova from Bratislava. Three times Olympic Games participant (2000, 2004, 2008), world champion in doubles from Los Angeles 2002 (together with the Russian Dementieva) and member of the winning national team of Slovakia in Fed Cup a decade ago, she has won many events in WTA and ITF competitions. Last year she added a new triumph in Trnava, alongside the equally experienced Moravian doubles player, Renata Voracova, despite this being the first time they had played doubles together.

The sympathy of the audience in our provincial capital, however, was also extended to the young Slovak tennis players - Janka Cepelova, Juríková Lenka, Kristina Kucova, Andrea Wiener, successful qualified player Anna Carolina Schmiedlova and other girls. Throughout the week the objective audience fully appreciated the high mastery of the foreign women players. We will be really pleased, if a friendly atmosphere and excellent tennis competition will be again associated with the international women's tennis tournament in Trnava in its fourth year.

25 empire trnava cup 2011 stvorhra ETC 2011
Yvonne Meusburger (AUT) 
 Winner of the singles tournament Empire Trnava Cup 2011
Renáta Voráčová (CZE) a Janetta Husárová (SVK)
Winners of the doubles tournament Empire Trnava Cup 2011

 Complete results and information you can find on http://2011.empiretrnavacup.sk/.


Previous years

The tournament EMPIRE Trnava Cup began to write its history in 2009 when the organization team TC Empire Trnava undertook a difficult task to organize an attractive international women's tournament, which could attract not only high quality women players, but as well numerous tennis audience. The event has gained a place not only in the calendar of ITF tournaments, as evidenced by the play of last years' tournament winners, but also in the hearts of the organizing team TC Empire Trnava, which always tries to improve it. Our greatest satisfaction is praise from the players who declare that they feel comfortable and very happy to come back. We can't forget the satisfaction of all members of the organizing team, chair umpires, ball kids and the physiotherapist, who during the past years have done a great amount of work. Many thanks to the sponsors, without whom this event could not be organized $ 50,000 tournament in the third year of the event. It is amazing that Empire Trnava Cup ranks between the top tennis events in Slovakia and enjoys more and more popularity each year. Even these are signs that the tournament goes the right way and we believe that we can look forward to many more years with attractive women's tennis.

Review of past winners:


singles: Yvonne Meusburger (AUT)
doubles: Janetta Husárová (SVK) Renáta Voráčová (CZE)


singles: Sandra Záhlavová (CZE)
doubles: Iveta Gerlová (CZE) Lucie Kriegsmannová (CZE)


singles: Yvonne Meusburger (AUT)
doubles: Sandra Klemenschits (AUT) Vladimíra Uhliřová (CZE)

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