Tournament Director´s Speech

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Dear Tennis Fans,

After one year we meet again at the Empire Trnava Cup tournament. It is my pleasure to welcome all of the fans to this event which is the pinnacle of the competitive season for tennis players in Slovakia. The ITF Tournament festival on the courts of TC Empire has increasingly gained the attention of a high number of spectators, sponsors and media during last three years. I believe that the fourth year of the tournament will add new success to the history of this international event. The atmosphere of the tournament in the oldest free royal town in Slovakia will be enhanced by another exceptional event this year, at the turn of July and August 2012 the World will enjoy the 30th Olympic Games in London.

Several tennis players, who have played in previous years on the courts of Trnava, are going to be presented under the five rings. We keep our fingers crossed for them in the competition for Olympic medals. For the above mentioned, nomination to compete in the British capital will inspire other talented girls competing in the current tournament in Trnava, to improve their mastery of tennis and to emulate their successful sporting role models.

I wish all tournament participants a great tennis experience in the city of Trnava.

Mgr. Mária Jedličková

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